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Premium, Ultra Clear American Optical Glass

Our screen protectors are made in small batches and crafted with the most thorough and advanced tempering processes using only the highest quality,  true Corning® Gorilla Glass v4 optical glass.

Why Gorilla Glass 4?

Superior, Stronger, and more Durable than Asahi's Dragontrail Glass

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Maximum Toughness Guaranteed

Ultra Clarity. Bright and Brilliant Colors.

Surface Stays Clean, Longer

Open Edge Design

Each sheet of our glass is diamond tipped CNC precision cut. The 1/8" all around clearance is compatible with most protective cases, covers, and guards.

Made to Protect Your Device 24/7

Full time protection against common everyday wear-and-tear. Scuff, scratch, and shatter resistant.

NEW! For Nikon Systems

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"I simply wanted the best screen protector."

Back in 2015, I was looking for a decent screen protector for my newly purchased iPhone 6 Plus, but I couldn't find a brand that meets my standards. Now, I make my own—the most premium and the toughest glass out there in the market.

Al Ainga LX SERIES Team Lead


"I have been looking for a decent screen protector for my iphone 7 plus. I have spent so much money on cheap glass screen protectors and recently found out about gorilla glass. I decided to give it a try and all I can say is WOW! I wish I would have discovered this company before buying so many other screen protectors. WORTH EVERY PENNY!"

Marissa—Verified Purchase Amazon Reviewer


"Super high-quality glass protectors! I have tried at least five or six lesser, cheaper brands until I finally decided to give the gorilla glass version a try.  I accidentally banged the surface of my phone at the edge of the desk and the screen protector didn't chip! I am very happy with this product. "

Ace1978—Verified Purchase Amazon Reviewer


"I've used a lot of glass protectors on my iPhone. Zagg has always been my go to option. However, I took a chance with this one and it's amazing! The fit is perfect and I feel it would protect my phone better than the zagg for a lot better price!"

David C. — Verified Purchase Amazon Reviewer


"This product isn't the least expensive but it is really high quality glass (thick) and with quick shipping it is a great value! You won't be disappointed!"

Bill—Amazon Reviewer